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Peshitta (Aramaic Bible) is an undervalued Biblical resource, also the Peshitto. Aramaic was supposedly the language of Jesus. This book and website looks into the theory of Aramaic Primacy - that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic - and discusses many problems of a literalist understanding of the New Testament. This site also provides you with FREE tools to study the Biblical languages and texts; the Aramaic Bible (and an Aramaic dictionary), Hebrew, Greek, English, Peshitta, Peshitto, Old Syriac, etc. We also house the legendary George Lamsa Bible.



Highlights: Younan Bible, Lamsa Bible, Murdock Bible, Etheridge Bible, Khabouris Codex, and:



Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?



The book discusses Greek Bible contradictions, Greek variants, split words (polysemy), mistranslations, idioms, Aramaicisms, Semiticisms, Biblical poetry in the Peshitta Bible, and includes featured articles dealing with Koine/Biblical Greek comparisons, Semitic syntax in the Greek NT, and more.


This website also offers many other Peshitta-related resources, Bible research tools (for Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English versions), and other related resources, which can be found by clicking the links on the top of this page. You can also find the Younan, George M. Lamsa, Murdock and Etheridge Bible translations here, as well as translation projects for Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch and Afrikaans.



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I hope this work will encourage you to even just take a look at the Aramaic Peshitta, which highlights the many flaws of the Greek texts.






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